Protest in Mumbai to ban the US goods

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Participating patriots

Mumbai – US President Joe Biden announced $450 million (Rs 3,651 crore) in financial aid to Pakistan for the maintenance of F-16 fighter jets on 8th September 2022. The Veer Yoddha organisation protested on 29th October at Mumbai’s Azad Maidan for the demand that US goods should be banned in the Indian market in opposition to Biden’s decision to reward terrorism. The protest was attended by hundreds of activists, including Maharashtra State Veer Yoddha Sangathan head Shrikant Ranjankar. Announcements were also made to ban the products of the US establishments like Amazon, Netflix, Coca Cola. The hashtag #BOYCOTT_USA’ is trending this time to protest across the Country.

In his press release, Ranjankar stated,

1. The terrorist attacks of 11th September 2001 and 26th November 2008 have demonstrated a direct link between terrorism and Pakistan.

2. Pakistan launched an air attack on Balakot using F-16 fighter jets. By providing financial aid for fighter aircraft like the F-16, the US directly supports terrorism.

3. Dr M Jaishankar and Rajnath Singh have strongly objected to the US and Pakistan’s stance.

4. Ely Ratner, US Assistant Secretary of Defence, said that US aid to Pakistan benefits the US. It has nothing to do with India. The statement made by Ratner is objectionable.

5. Western countries have a long history of pitting countries against each other. It is reprehensible that the US is dealing in such a manner to sell its own weapons. The US earns a lot of money by selling its goods all over the world. If the same income is used by the US by selling its own goods in the Indian market to help a terrorist country like Pakistan, then it is an insult to the soldiers who are fighting round the clock on the border for India and the martyrs who have sacrificed for the country.

6. The objection raised by the Wall Street Journal on the strong economic stance of the Central Government is also reprehensible.

Editorial viewpoint 

Congratulations to the patriots who protested and demanded that US goods be banned for supporting Pakistan. The Government should take note of this movement and fulfill its national duty by banning US goods.

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