Over 7,500 madarasas run without permission in Uttar Pradesh !

The above information was received after a survey was conducted

Lucknow (Uttar Pradesh) –  A recent survey of madarasas in Uttar Pradesh has revealed that over 7,500 madarasas are being run without the permission of the state. This information was given to reporters by Dharam Pal Singh, the Minister of State for Minority Welfares. He made it clear that “A higher Authority committee will now take a decision on what to do with the madarasas which are being run without permission”. All the district commissioners will submit a report of their survey by 15th November.

Iftikhar Ahmed Javed, the president of the Uttar Pradesh Madarasa Education Board, has said that the exact number of unauthorised madarasas is yet to be finalised. However, as per the current report over 7,500 madarasas are found to be unauthorised and 16,513 madarasas are recognised. The Government subsidy provides the salary to teachers and staff of over 560 madarasas.

Editorial viewpoint

This situation makes it clear that there is a need to conduct a survey of madarasas in every State of the country !

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