BJP is lying to people about implementing the Uniform Civil Code in Gujarat : Kejriwal

Bhavnagar (Gujarat) – BJP is misleading people about implementing the Uniform Civil Code in Gujarat. BJP had made similar promises before elections even in Uttarakhand State, but nothing was done after winning the polls, alleged Delhi Chief Minister and the convenor of Aam Adami Party (AAP) Arvind Kejriwal. He addressed a press conference at Bhavnagar in the background of the forthcoming State assembly polls in Gujarat.

Kejriwal said further that the Uniform Civil Code has to be implemented. It has been mentioned in Article 44 of the Constitution that the implementation of the Act is the responsibility of the respective States, but it should be done with everyone’s approval. (In that case, Kejriwal should explain why he didn’t do anything to implement the same in Delhi ? – Editor)

The BJP-led Government in Gujarat is preparing to implement the Uniform Civil Code in the State and has decided to form a committee for the implementation of the Uniform Civil Code.