More than 400 Hindus converted to Christianity in Meerut

These conversions were secretly taking place for the past 2 years !

Meerut (Uttar Pradesh) –  It has come to light that more than 400 Hindus from the poorer section of society were forcibly converted to Christianity with the pretext of helping them, in Mangatapuram, Meerut, Uttar Pradesh. This has been happening for the past 2 years. It has also come to light that the negligence of the Police is the main reason for this mass conversion.

With respect to the case the Police responded by saying,

1. An estimated 10 people had emigrated from Barambaki to Mangatapuram 20 years ago and started to build huts in open spaces. But now their number has increased to more than 400.

2. During the corona pandemic there was a famine in that area. Mahesh, a pastor from Delhi, came there with the pretext of helping them. With the help of other Christians, he started helping the villagers by giving them food and drinks.

3. Pastor Mahesh then slowly started inspiring some of the slum dwellers to convert to Christianity. So about 400 people converted and started going to the church.The priest also married off the daughters of these converted people to the youths of the existing Christian community.

4. After this, the existing Christians started pressurising the converted Hindus to stop worshipping Idols according to Hinduism. They said ‘You are now Christians, You can no longer worship Hindu Deities’, and then forced them to remove the Idols of the Deities.

5. Pastor Mahesh’s staff, Anil, with the help of some of his colleagues, removed the images of Hindu Deities from people’s homes during Diwali. While this was happening a young man called Champion started opposing their conversion tactics. Fed up by the persecution of the Christians, the people lodged a complaint with the Police.

6. Dilip Singh and Sachin Siro of the Bajrang Dal also reached the area as soon as news of this mass conversion came to light. They handed over a list to the Police of the people who had received financial assistance and books related to Christianity.

7. The Police started an investigation based on this complaint. So far, the Police have arrested 5 people in this case.

Editorial viewpoints

  • The Hindus do not expect their fellow Hindus to fall prey to conversion when there is a BJP Government in Uttar Pradesh. In light of the increasing conversion activities, the Central Government must make an anti-conversion law immediately !
  • When these conversion activities were going on for more than 2 years why weren’t the investigative agencies aware ?