Allegations on Amazon of providing funding for the conversion of Hindus !

After some Voluntary organisations filed complaints, the National Commission for Child Rights issued a notice !

New Delhi  –  Amazon, the world’s most famous ‘online shopping’ establishment, has made fun of Hindu Deities many times to date. But now it has come to light that this establishment is providing money to an NGO called ‘All India Mission’ which converts Hindu boys and girls to Christianity. With regards to this case, the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights has sent a notice to Amazon and ordered its India head Amit Agarwal to provide a detailed explanation by 1st November.

The ‘All India Mission’ is an organisation that converts boys and girls in India to Christianity. A complaint was filed by the NGO ‘Social Justice Forum’ in Arunachal Pradesh against them. After taking note of this complaint, the National Child Rights Organization issued a notice to Amazon in September.

The complaint stated that the All India Mission has more than 100 orphanages across India. The organisation’s official website and social media page state that it ‘aims to convert people in India and has already converted many people in India, especially in the North East and Jharkhand’. So this is the organisation that is currently getting funding from ‘Amazon India’.

Editorial viewpoints

  • It is entirely unacceptable to use money received from Hindus against them ! If the allegations are true, then the Central Government should ban Amazon from doing any kind of business in India!
  • If a small voluntary organisation can figure out this scheme, why couldn’t the Government with all the systems at its disposal realise this ?

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