Alwar (Rajasthan) : Parents pressuring son and daughter-in-law to convert to Christianity

Idols of Deities broken; couple beaten up if they worship 

Alwar (Rajasthan) – A Hindu couple is being pressured to convert to Christianity by their parents. Having endured so much torture, Sonu and Rajni have finally filed a complaint with the Police against their parents. A complaint alleges that parents have ripped down pictures and broken Idols. We are constantly being pressured to convert. In this case, the Police have registered a case and are investigating.

According to the couple, our parents and some members of our family had become Christians. We are opposed by our parents when we worship Hindu gods. We were told by our parents that Hindu customs and traditions have no meaning. In his complaint, he states that we want to remain Hindus throughout our lives. There is a danger to our lives. He has also demanded Police protection.

The aggrieved couple took the help of Bajrang Dal and Vishwa Hindu Parishad to file a complaint. In this case, Superintendent of Police Tejaswini Gautam said that prima facie this case is at the family level and appropriate action will be taken after the investigation.

Editorial viewpoints 

  • Can it be that the Christian Churches deceive converted family members to pressurise their other family members through such incidents and convert them to Christianity ?
  • It is true that the Christian-loving Congress Government in Rajasthan will not do anything against the conversion of Hindus. So now the Central Government must enact a nationwide prohibition of conversion law.


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