China includes India-China clashes at Galwan valley in video of CCP Convention

Video giving a review of the work carried out by China !

Beijing (China) –  A video was shown at the ongoing 20th convention of China’s Communist Party (CCP) giving a review of the work carried out by China. In this video, a clip on the violent clashes between the Indian and Chinese soldiers, which occurred in the Galwan valley of Ladakh in June 2020, was also included. Chinese military Commander Qi Fabao can be seen trying to stop Indian soldiers by extending both of his hands in this clip. There is a mention of the space programme, the new passenger jet, and action taken to stop the Covid pandemic, etc. among other achievements, in this video.

As per the news published by an English newspaper ‘The Hindu’, known to be pro-China, this half an hour-long video was shown at ‘the Great Hall of the People’, in Beijing. Twenty Indian soldiers lost their lives in the clashes at Galwan valley and the Indian Government made an official disclosure about the same. On the other hand, China never disclosed how many Chinese soldiers lost their lives in these clashes. In an investigation report of an Australian news website, ‘The Klaxon’, it was mentioned that 38 Chinese troops were drowned while crossing a sub-zero river in the darkness during the violent clashes of east Ladakh. Later, even an American magazine ‘The Newsweek’ published news about this incident wherein it was claimed that 60 Chinese soldiers were killed in the violent clashes at Galwan valley which took place on the 15th of June 2020.

Editorial viewpoint

In June 2020, Indian soldiers exhibited unique gallantry in killing several Chinese soldiers. Though China has never accepted its defeat; still, India needs to expose China’s craftiness on this occasion !