Global Hunger index; an effort to tarnish India’s image : Indian Government responds

Issue of showing India inferior to Pakistan and Sri Lanka in ‘Global Hunger index’

New Delhi – The report of ‘Global Hunger Index’ does not evaluate hunger appropriately. Wrong method has been implemented for the report, slammed the Centre. It is just a part of tarnishing the image of India by showing that ‘India is unable to provide sufficient and healthy food to its citizens’, said India. Memorandum in this regard is being given by the ‘Ministry of Women and Child Welfare’ stating that due steps have been taken to end hunger and malnutrition in the nation. India has reacted to the report stating India has slipped to 107th place from 101st in the ‘Global Hunger Index’. It is also stated that India is even below Pakistan and Sri Lanka.

1. The Government stated that the report is disconnected from the reality. The work done by India during Covid period has been ignored purposely. 3 out of 4 index used in the report are regarding child’s health and that cannot be representing the whole population.

2. The Government has also stated that the Centre had raised a question on the population incorporated in the report. 3,000 persons had been included to address the fourth and most important indicator of undernourished population.

Editorial viewpoint

It has been proved several times that various institutions surveying various fields at international level are haters of India. Hence, the Indian Government should try to show them their place now.

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