Bradford (England) child sexual abuse case : Omar Taj among 24 arrested Muslims

Omar Taj was arrested in Bradford (England) in the case of gang rape of a minor girl

London (England) – West Yorkshire Police in England arrested a Muslim named Omar Taj from Bradford city in connection with a minor child sexual abuse investigation. In this case, 24 people have been arrested so far. They are accused of raping and forcing a 13-year-old girl into prostitution.

West Yorkshire Police stated that the victim was raped several times between 2007 and 2011. So far Khazer Hussain (41), Syed Shabir (39), Ashfaq Ahmed (34), Aftab Ahmed (33), Abbas Hussain (41), Burhan Uddin Ali (36), Abdul Basith (40), Mussadaq Hussain (37), Amjad Hussain (36), Syed Hassan Basharat (33), Hannan Miah (37), Asif Budhia (39), Shazad Khadam (38), Ibrahim Ali (35), Yousaf Bhatti (36), Anwar Aziz (32), Shahinul Haq (35), Jameel Ahmed (32), Brian Davis (53), Khalid Parvez (63), Mohammed Nadeem Ali (38), Pasquale Massimo (40), and Muhammad Yasir (36) have been arrested in this case.

Grooming Jihad in England in large proportion 

‘Grooming Jihad’ is a global problem and under this conspiracy Muslim youths are abusing minor girls and women. They are being physically abused. The United Kingdom Police arrested 32 men and filed more than 150 charges against them in connection with the sexual abuse of 8 minor girls in West Yorkshire in 2020. They were all charged with serious sexual offenses such as rape, indecency, trafficking, and making obscene videos of girls.

Daily Mail reported that 18,700 girls were sexually abused by Muslim youths in 2018-19.

Editorial viewpoint

It must be said that such Muslims who are consumed with lust are a global headache.