Hindu Janajagruti Samiti raising its voice for the ‘Hindu Rashtra’

  • 2,000 Hindu Jagruti Sabhas
  • 150 Hindu Adhiveshans
  • 1,700 + Hindu Andolans
  • 325 classes on Dharma education
  • 300+ Organisations united
  • Conserving Dharmik rights
  • Plastic Flags banned
  • Awareness on anti-Hindu campaigns

Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS) was established on the auspicious day of Ashwin Shukla Pratipada (7th October 2002) with the aim of preventing denigration of Deities. HJS is working tirelessly to achieve the goals of bringing about awakening on Dharma, providing education on Dharma and protecting the Nation and Dharma. Completion of 20 years for any organisation is a significant milestone. By God’s grace, HJS has succeeded in preventing as well as reducing the severity of many asssaults inflicted on the Nation and Dharma in these two decades. At a time when even the mention of ‘Hindu Rashtra’ was a bold act, HJS proclaimed establishing the ‘Hindu Rashtra’ despite stiff opposition. HJS tried to convey the concept of ‘Hindu Rashtra’ clearly to the people through lectures, gatherings, seminars, articles, Texts, etc. Today, ‘Hindu Rashtra’ is being discussed everywhere. HJS contributed to organising discussions on the ‘Hindu Rashtra’.

Here we provide a glimpse of HJS’ expansive tasks and mission.

1. Protecting Dharma : In the name of art, MF Hussain, the anti-Hindu painter, made obscene images of Hindu Deities as well as of Mother India. HJS started a nationwide movement against Hussain on this issue. Over 1,250 Police complaints were filed across the country. As a result, Hussain had to flee India and take shelter in Qatar, an Islamic country. Hundreds of exhibitions of Hussain’s paintings were stopped by HJS through lawful means. Likewise, HJS created awareness against firecrackers that carried images of Deities and National Heroes. Campaigns were successfully conducted to prevent insult of Deities taking place through films, TV serials, dramas, advertisements, web series, etc.

2. Opposing anti-Hindu laws : HJS has also strongly opposed the ‘Black Laws’ that hurt the interests of the Nation and Dharma. Due to fierce opposition from HJS as well as widespread public awareness, the Government takeover of 4,50,000 temples in Maharashtra was stopped and the ‘Temple Takeover Bill’ could not be passed. Besides, 15 out of 27 anti-Hindu clauses in the draft of the anti-Superstition Bill, which adversely affected Hindu Dharma, had to be modified.

3. Rashtriya Hindu Andolan : HJS started the ‘Rashtriya Hindu Andolan’ in a legitimate way against the attacks taking place on the Nation and Dharma. Due to these agitations, Hindu unity was achieved and some anti-National incidents were also prevented. Banning of anti-Hindu Zakir Naik’s ‘Islamic Research Foundation’ which preaches terrorism, ban on the broadcast of Naik’s ‘Peace TV’, initiating the process of granting citizenship of India to victimised Hindus in Islamic countries are some important results of these agitations.

4. Programmes to create awareness on Dharma : Protecting Dharma is possible only if there is awareness in this regard. HJS conducts many activities for this. When the reality of ‘Love Jihad’ could not be digested by society due to the illusory notion of ​​‘Sarvadharmasamabhav (Equal respect for all religions), HJS boldly created awareness about it through lectures, articles, press notes, counselling of victimised girls, etc. and published the Text ‘Love Jihad’.
HJS has also exposed the dangers of ‘Halal Jihad’ like it did about ‘Love Jihad’. The ‘Halal’ concept is not limited to meat but to food and many items of daily use. Through Halal certification, the money of ordinary citizens is going to Jihadi organisations and ‘Halal Jihad’ is an attack on the Indian economy.

5. Unity of Hindus : ‘Sanghe Shaktihi: Kalouyuge’ (Unity is strength in Kaliyuga) in today’s times. To create expansive unity of Hindus going beyond caste lines, party or sect affiliations, HJS organised over 2,000 ‘Hindu Rashtra-Jagruti Sabhas’. These Sabhas were meant to exhort Hindus to sacrifice for the sake of the Nation and Dharma. As a result, thousands of youth have joined the mission to serve Dharma.

HJS is trying to bring devout Hindu organisations together through ‘Akhil Bharatiya Hindu Rashtra Adhiveshans’ in Goa. Leaders, activists, advocates of over 250 organisations are attending these Adhiveshans, which have become a platform to raise the voice of the ‘Hindu Rashtra’.

6. Dignity to symbols of honour : HJS’ campaign to ban the use of plastic National Flags and maintain their dignity has been very successful. HJS’ campaigns on the NCERT syllabus, encroachment on historic forts have received a positive response from the Government as well as people.

7. Protecting our culture and environment : HJS has lawfully opposed the celebration of ‘Days’ by people who ape the West, the ‘Sunburn’ festival and conveyed the spiritual science underlying Hindu festivals. To protect the environment, ‘Khadkawasala Reservoir Protection Campaign’ is being implemented successfully in Pune District for the last 15 years.

HJS’ mission is also going on expansively through social media and its website so as to establish the ‘Hindu Rashtra’ based on Dharma in India. HJS has a spiritual foundation. You should contribute your might in the mission of HJS with your body, mind, wealth, intellect and skills for the ‘Hindu Rashtra’.

Contribute your might in the mission of HJS with your body, mind, wealth, intellect and skills for the ‘Hindu Rashtra’ !

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