Muslim headmistress suspended for constructing ‘mazar’ in a Govt school at Vidisha, Madhya Pradesh

  • National song not sung regularly in the school !
  • Muslim students get a holiday on Fridays !
  • Muslims offer namaz in the school !
Construction of  ‘mazar’ at the school premises

Bhopal (Madhya Pradesh) – In the CM Rise School at Kurwai in Vidisha district, a case of misuse of funds has been observed wherein the funds received for carrying out repairs in the school were utilised for constructing a ‘mazar’. Madhya Pradesh Government has suspended the Muslim school headmistress Shayna Firdaus in this context. Firdaus’s husband was working as a sports teacher in the same school, and he built the ‘mazar’. The retired teachers of the school had demanded the building of the Saraswatidevi temple in the school, but Firdaus had dismissed their demand.

In February 2022, Firdaus arranged to build a dais, and then it was turned into a ‘mazar’. Muslims had started coming to the school to offer namaz. Muslim students were given a holiday on Fridays. The teachers from the school registered a complaint with the district education department when investigations were carried out secretly. It exposed the conspiracy of converting the Government school into an Islamic structure.

Only some time ago, the Government selected the CM Rise School for carrying out its expansion. It was, however, observed that the funds were misused. The district education officer Atul Mudgal later issued an order to transfer Firdaus. Mudgal has stated that he had written a letter to the District Collector on the 31st of August 2022, to remove the ‘mazar’ from the school premises, but it has still not been done.

The unauthorised platform will be demolished ! – Sub-divisional Magistrate

On this issue, Kurwai’s sub-divisional Magistrate Anjali Shah has stated that the unauthorised dais would be demolished. The national song is sung only on Republic Day and Independence Day in this school and every day, a film song ‘E Malik tere bande hum….’ is sung as a prayer.

Education Department officers overlook the issue ! – allegation by NCPCR  

Editorial viewpoint

Action is expected to be taken against the concerned officers.

Priyank Kanoongo, the Chairman of the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR) recently visited this school. He has alleged that religious acts (based on Islam) were carried out in the school for a long time. The officers of the Education Department have also overlooked these things.

Editorial viewpoints

  • Where is the secularists’ gang, that keeps on making noise about the so-called ‘saffronisation’ of history ?
  • It is shameful for Hindus that in their country, instead of the worship of Saraswatidevi, namaz is offered in a Government school ! Hindu Rashtra is the only solution to bring a change in this situation ! 

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