Woman journalist who reported the death of Mahsa Amini, arrested by Iranian authorities

Hijab Case in Iran

Tehran (Iran) – Niloofar Hamedi, the female journalist who first broke the news about Mahsa Amini’s death due to Police brutality over Hijab issue in Iran, was reportedly arrested by Iranian authorities. Mohammed Ali Kamfirouzi, the advocate representing Hamedi, informed about the arrest on social media. Hamedi works for Shargh newspaper. Her Twitter account was also suspended prior to her arrest. It was suspended at the behest of the Iranian administration.

In a tweet in Persian, Kamfirouzi said, “This morning, security agents raided the house of my client Niloofar Hamedi, journalist of Shargh newspaper, arrested her, searched her house, and confiscated her belongings’. It is unclear what charges she would face.

Editorial Viewpoint

Oppression of the Iranian Government ! The Government should remember that the agitation becomes more intense due to such repression !