The violence of Pakistani Muslims forced Hindus to flee Leicester, Britain 

Leicester (Britain) – Recent attacks by Pakistani Muslims on Hindus and their temples have created an atmosphere of fear among Hindus here. Nine Hindu families have fled the city. According to Charlotte Littlewood, a student at Henry Jackson Research, Hindus in the region cannot put up religious symbols in their homes due to the terror of radical Muslims. (It is shameful for Hindus in UK that such information is coming from a non-Hindu ! – Editor)

Drive out the dogs (Hindus) like Kashmir – provocative call of Muslims

We saw violence on the streets of Leicester, Littlewood said. Around 200 radicals were called for this purpose. More than half of these came from outside the city. Social media was used for this purpose. Provocative calls were made to slaughter and exterminate Hindus. The call said, ‘Just as you exterminated Hindus from Kashmir, you should do the same here. These dogs (Hindus) should be crushed. Kick them out’. Islamic fundamentalist groups have done this systematically. Their next target may be the Indian Embassy in London.

Editorial viewpoint

  • As a result of the terror, Hindus are afraid to put up religious symbols in their homes as well !
  • What is surprising about what is happening in Hindu-majority India if it is also happening in a British city ?
  • Till the Hindus do not unite for Dharma, this will continue to occur throughout the world including India !