The Supreme Court reserved its decision after listening to both sides of the arguments

The case of Hijab ban in educational institutions in Karnataka

New Delhi  – The High Court of Karnataka has upheld the Karnataka Government’s decision to ban the hijab in all schools and colleges across Karnataka. However, a petition has been filed against it in the Supreme Court. But the Court has currently reserved its decision after listening to both sides of the argument. The Court will arrive at a decision soon. The Karnataka High Court in its judgment upheld the motion  that ‘the Hijab is not an integral part of any religion.’ It also said that female students cannot refuse to wear school uniforms.

The Hijab is not compulsory in many families in India ! – Supreme Court

During the hearing of this petition on September 21, Hemant Gupta the Supreme Court Judge said, ‘I would like to narrate an incident regarding the Hijab. I know a High Court Judge in Lahore, Pakistan. Whenever he visited India, he would bring his 2 daughters along. I have never seen them wearing the Hijab. We have also seen many Muslim families in India where the head of the household does not force his daughters to wear the hijab.’