Hindu doctor’s life in danger after marrying a Muslim classmate

Death threats from religious fanatics

Ratlam (MP) – A male Hindu doctor is facing death threats after marrying a female Muslim classmate in Madhya Pradesh’s Ratlam. Some religious fanatics are constantly harassing the couple. Deadly attacks on this couple continue to take place even after they left their native place and lived elsewhere. The doctor couple has approached the High Court for protection after receiving no help from the Police. The High Court then directed the Police to provide security to the couple. (It is shameful for the Police that the Court has to direct them to provide security to the doctor couple who are being lethally attacked ! – Editor)

1. Doctor Bharat Sharma, a resident of Ujjain, married his Muslim classmate Doctor in a Vedic manner 2 years ago. This love marriage became a threat to his family.

2. Some religious fanatics started threatening to kill them. So, both had to relocate several times. A few months ago, this doctor couple reached Ratlam in search of a safe place.

3. Two attempts were made to attack them within a few days of their arrival at Ratlam. Both narrowly escaped the attack.

4. The doctor couple sought protection from the Police officials several times. As the Police officials failed to provide any security, Dr Sharma appealed to the High Court.

Editorial Viewpoint

What do the so-called secularists have to say on this, who otherwise tag the relation as a ‘love marriage’ when a Hindu girl marries a Muslim man ?

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