Saint Bhaktaraj Maharaj’s wife H.H. (Smt.) Susheela Kasarekar renounces Her body

Nashik (Maharashtra) – Sanatan Sanstha’s Source of Inspiration Saint Bhaktaraj Maharaj’s wife and H.H. Nandu Kasarekar’s mother – H.H. (Smt.) Susheela Kasarekar (Age 86) – renounced Her body on 18.9.2022 at 2.00 p.m. at the residence of Her youngest son Mr Ravindra Kasarekar.

H.H. (Smt.) Susheela Kasarekar (fondly called H.H. Jiji) was the embodiment of maternal love. She kept all the devotees of Saint Bhaktaraj Maharaj bonded with Her maternal love. She is survived by H.H. Nandu (Hemant) and Mrs Smita Kasarekar (Her eldest son and daughter-in-law), Mr Sunil and Mrs Nayana Kasarekar (Her second son and daughter-in-law), Mr Ravindra and Mrs Neelima Kasarekar (Her youngest son and daughter-in-law); grandchildren Ms Deepali, Ms Vaibhavi, Master Soham and Ms Reva.

The last rites on the mortal remains of H.H. Jiji were performed at Shri Kshetra Kandali (Vadgaon, Dist. Pune, Maharashtra) on 19.9.2022 at 10.00 a.m. Sanatan family shares the grief of Kasarekar family.

H.H. (Smt.) Susheela Kasarekar blessed Sanatan’s mission abundantly !

Dr Jayant Athavale and H.H. (Smt.) Susheela Kasarekar in a discussion at Sanatan’s Ramnathi Ashram, Ponda, Goa (on 2.6.2014)

Today H.H. (Smt.) Susheela Kasarekar (fondly called H.H. Jiji), wife of my Guru Saint Bhaktaraj Maharaj (fondly called H.H. Baba), whose mission was to spread Spirituality through the medium of bhajans (Devotional songs), bhraman (Travelling) and bhandara (Preparation of food as a religious offering to God, and later, distributed as Prasad), has renounced Her body. She married H.H. Baba when She was 17-years-old, and then, performed the exceedingly demanding task of managing the family life of a highly evolved Saint such as Saint Bhaktaraj Maharaj. H.H. Jiji’s spiritual practice was very tough.

For H.H. Baba, His mission to spread Spirituality was like a Vrat (Vowed religious observance) and He would end up completely neglecting His family life. As a result, H.H. Jiji suffered a lot; however, despite such circumstances, She continued with Her family life courageously, and raised Her children in exceptionally challenging situations.

Even under such circumstances, She showered love on all the devotees of H.H. Baba. I experienced Her loving company for many years. She bonded all the devotees of H.H. Baba with maternal love. It is only due to the grace of my Guru, that I was blessed to have such a great Gurumata (Wife of the Guru). Just as Sanatan has the blessings of H.H. Baba, Sanatan has the blessings of H.H. Jiji as well. She visited Sanatan’s Ashrams on many occasions and also blessed Sanatan’s seekers. With Her grace, Sanatan’s mission has been growing by the day. Now, we will not have Her company at the physical level. However, we will always remember incidents in which we experienced Her love.

Obeisance a million times unto the Holy feet of this great Gurumata and immense gratitude !

– Dr Jayant Athavale (18.9.2022)