Villagers in Sangli District beat up Sadhus thinking they were kidnappers : Police intervened

Jat (Dist Sangli) – In Sangli District’s Lavanga village 4 Sadhus were beaten up due to the misunderstanding that they belonged to gang of child kidnappers. This incident happened in the afternoon of the 13th September. Alert Police intervention freed the Sadhus, else here too there would have been a repeat of the Palghar incident. In the year 2020 a crowd beat up and killed two Sadhus thinking they were thieves. (Why did the villagers not hand over the Sadhus to the Police if they thought they were kidnappers ? Who gave them the right of taking the law into their own hands ? In India as Hindus do not have education on their Dharma, today the Hindus are not able to recognise the Sadhus and Saints. Therefore, incidents like Palghar and Jat take place. – Editor) Case has been registered against 6 individuals informed Sangli Police Commissioner Dixit Kumar Gedam to the press reporters.

More information –

1. 4 Sadhus from Uttar Pradesh had gone to Karnataka for visiting temples. While returning from Karnataka they were going to Vijapur via Lavanga. On the way they stopped the car and asked a girl the way to Vijapur.

2. At that time local people gathered. They could not understand the language the sadhus were speaking. This made them suspicious, and they dragged the sadhus out of the car and beat them up with belts and sticks. The Sadhus kept on telling them that they were sadhus, but the villagers did not listen.

3. On getting the information of this the prompt Police rushed to the location. On further investigation by the Police, they found that the Sadhus had Aadhar cards with UP address. When the Police spoke to their relatives on the phone they came to know that they were sadhus of Mathura’s Shri Panchdashnam Juna Akhada.

4. After this incident the Sadhus forgave the villagers and said that this incident took place because of a misunderstanding. Hence no complaint was filed with the Police.

When the news organisation NIA asked the Sangli District Police Commissioner Dixit Gedam about this case, he said ‘we have no written complaint about this case. Still, we are investigating the truth about the pictures seen in the ‘video’ on social media. Appropriate action will be taken in this case’.
Editorial Viewpoints

  • Sadhus and Saints being beaten up again and again  in a Hindu majority country is infuriating.
  • ‘Is it a conspiracy of killing the Hindu Sadhus’, this aspect should be investigated thoroughly by the Government as it necessary that the truth comes to light.