Prolonged stay of Rohingya refugees impacts security and stability of Bangladesh : Sheikh Hasina

(Right side) Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina

Dhaka (Bangladesh) – Apart from their own miseries, their prolonged presence is causing a serious impact on the economy, environment, security and socio-political stability of Bangladesh, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said at the opening ceremony of a three-day meeting of military officials from 24 countries in the Indo-Pacific region.

She also said that dealing with this problem of Rohingyas will be the priority for Bangladesh. (Will Indian rulers learn from Sheikh Hasina to give first preference to the security of the nation ? – Editor)

Participants in the meeting, including the US, Canada, Australia, Japan, Indonesia, India, China and Vietnam, will visit the sprawling Rohingya refugee camps to see their plight firsthand, said Gen. S.M. Shafiuddin Ahmed, chief of Bangladesh army.