Stone pelted on Hindu procession from mosque : Many people including six Policemen injured

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Siwan (Bihar) – Argument near the mosque over the Mahaviri Akhara procession in Siwan, Bihar resulted in stone pelting from the mosque by Muslim fanatics. More than six Policemen were injured in this, while some others from both sides were also injured. After the stone pelting, the fleeing Policemen were chased and beaten up. Police have arrested 10 people in this case so far. The incident of violence took place on 8th September. The video of this incident is circulating on social media.

At Patna, the religious fanatics attacked the Police near the mosque and let the accused escape.

Police went to the spot to catch some people with weapons near the Shia mosque under Pir Bahor Police station. The Police had caught the accused, but fanatics in the area attacked the Police. They freed the accused and let them escape. A Policeman got injured at that time. A religious fanatic mob then went to the Police station and created chaos there. The Police have registered a case and are searching for the accused.

Editorial Viewpoint

  • Even though they know that stones are pelted on Hindu processions from the mosque, why aren’t the Police proactive ? Please note that Congress, Trinamool Congress, Communist Party, Samajwadi Party, AIMIM and other hypocrite secular parties do not open their mouths about such attacks from mosques.
  • To permanently stop stone pelting from mosques on Hindu processions, Hindu Rashtra has become inevitable.

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