A Muslim officer in Jammu suspended for claiming Rigveda permitted eating meat 

Rajouri (Jammu-Kashmir) – Abdul Rashid Kohli, a senior officer from the Government Administration, has been suspended from service for hurting the religious sentiments of Hindus. While having lunch with his subordinates, he had told them that Rigveda permitted meat eating. This action has been taken after one of the subordinates out of the four, who were present when such a statement was made, lodged a complaint.

It has been stated in his suspension order that the statement by the officer had the potential to create a law and order problem. He has violated service conduct rules.

Abdul Rashid said that he had gone to a hotel for lunch with four Gram-sevaks, among them, two were Muslims and two Hindus. One of them ordered vegetarian food and others had non-vegetarian meals. While eating, there was a discussion on whether Rigveda allowed eating non-vegetarian food. He had read on the internet that Rigveda permitted the consumption of meat. (So many things about Abdul Rashid’s religion are written on the internet, why doesn’t he talk about them ? – Editor) Rashid said he never thought that his statement would have hurt the Hindu Gram Sevak. Had he said so immediately, Rashid would have apologised. It was not Rashid’s intention to hurt his sentiments, nor did he force him to eat non-vegetarian food. (Conceited Abdul Rashid ! Hindus are tolerant; therefore, they try to take action as per the law. Had it been the opposite case and had a Hindu made such a statement about Rashid, what would have happened is beyond imagination ! – Editor) 

Pressurisation to accept Islam

Abdul Rashid was trying to force his Hindu colleague to eat meat. Rashid also said to him that eating beef would sanctify him. The colleague has accused his Muslim colleague of pressurising him to adopt Islam. They even threatened to harass him in the office when he opposed. (Will it be wrong to say that such Government officers must be helping jihadi terrorists ? Jihadi terrorism cannot be eradicated from Kashmir because of such people. It shows that jihad is the main reason behind the same !  – Editor)    

Editorial viewpoint

This officer should say what is written in the scriptures of his religion and what is actually being done, rather than what is written in Hindus’ Holy Scriptures !

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