Some prayers to be made to Shri Ganapati

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A. O’ provider of intelligence, Shri Ganapati ! Provide me with a virtuous intellect. O Vighnaharta (Vanquisher of all obstacles) ! Remove all sufferings from my life !

B. O’ Shri Ganapati ! You are the one who provides Pranashakti (Vital energy). Provide me with enough Shakti to work with enthusiasm throughout the day !

Prayers to be made before commencing Shri Ganeshpujan

A. O’ Shri Gajanan ! Through this worship, let devotion and bhav (Spiritual emotion) unto you develop in my antahakaran (Inner sense organs) !

B. O’ Shri Gajanan ! By your grace, let me be able to imbibe Chaitanya (Divine consciousness) emitting from this worship to the maximum extent.

Prayers to be made during the period of Ganesh Chaturthi

O’ Shri Ganesh ! During this period of the festival, let me be able to get Your grace and blessings to the maximum extent possible when I chant Your Name !

(Open the door of a day at dawn with the key of a prayer and shut it with the latch of a prayer at night.)

Sing Aratis slowly and with bhav

At many places during Ganeshotsav, people vie to sing Aratis loudly to the accompaniment of ear-splitting musical instruments. Avoid this; sing Aratis after understanding their meaning, with the correct pronunciation and slowly. This will awaken bhav (Spiritual emotion) in you. At the time of Arati, clap and play musical instruments gently and in a rhythm.

Source : English Sanatan Prabhat

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