Jama Mosque in Badaun was originally a Nilkanth temple ! : Petition filed in the Civil Court 

After Gyanavapi, Jama Mosque in Badaun now claims to be Neelkanth Mahadev Temple

Badaun – A petition claiming the Jama Mosque in Badaun to be originally a Nilkanth temple has been filed in the Civil Court. This has been filed by 5 petitioners. The area coordinator of Hindu Mahasabha Mukesh Patel is one of them. The Court has issued a notice to the opposition to give their opinion. The Jama Mosque was previously the fort of the Hindu king Mahipal and now there is a Nilkanth temple in the same place. Through the petition, it has been demanded to conduct a survey of the Mosque. It has been said that the Mosque has been built by demolishing the temple. Here, 23 thousand people can offer namaz at a time.

1. The advocate of the petitioners Ved Prakash Gupta has said that he presented the required proofs in the Court.

2. Jama Mosque Intejamiya Committee, Sunni Waqf Board in UP, UP Archeological Survey Department and the Central Government have been told to give their opinion.

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