School Principal in TN refuses to hoist and salute the National Flag saying ‘Christianity does not allow it’

A glimpse of what happened during the celebration of ‘Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav’

Dharmapuri District (Tamil Nadu) – During the celebrations of Independence Day, the Principal of a Government school in the Dharmapuri District of Tamil Nadu refused to hoist and salute the National Flag. The Principal allegedly declined to salute the Flag, stating that she is a Christian and that it is against her religion for her to do so. The Chief Education Officer has launched a probe as the issue has picked up steam.

Tamilselvi – the Principal of a public school – was retiring this year. According to reports, a special programme was planned to honour her on 15th August. However, the assistant Principal had to hoist the National Flag because the Principal refused. The Principal contended that her religious convictions forbade her from doing so.

Even in the past, Tamilselvi had objected to hoisting and saluting the Tricolour. Tamilselvi claimed that she is a Christian and that not saluting or hoisting one’s National Flag is not disrespectful. She said, “We only salute God and no one else. We respect the Flag, but we will only salute God”.

A complaint was submitted to the Chief Education Officer (CEO) of Dharmapuri, which mentioned that Tamilselvi was on leave on the Independence Day. Not only this, but for the many years she had not attended the Independence Day programme in the school citing various health issues.

It is notable that, this year the Central Government appealed to people to hoist the National Flag on their houses from 13th to 15th August 2022. Changes were made in the Flag Code accordingly. This campaign was called ‘Har Ghar Tiranga’.

Editorial viewpoints

Earlier religious fanatics from another community who indulged in such acts.
Taking cue from them, now people of other religions have also started doing the same. This situation can change only in the ‘Hindu Rashtra’.

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