Contempt of Indian Army and Hindu community in the film ‘Laal Singh Chadha’; Delhi advocate lodges complaint to the Police 

(Left side) Advocate Vineet Jindal and Aamir Khan

New Delhi – Advocate Vineet Jindal has complained to Delhi Police Commissioner Sanjay Arora that the recently released film ‘Laal Singh Chaddha’ by Aamir Khan has insulted the Indian Army and Hindu community. The complaint has been lodged against Aamir Khan, the film’s distributor Paramount Pictures, director Advait Chandan and others.

The complaint states that,

1. The film contains offensive scenes. The film shows that a mentally challenged got recruited into the Indian Army. He was even allowed to fight in the Kargil war.

It is well-known that the best soldiers are recruited in the Indian Army.  Those who undergo rigorous training are selected to fight in the war. The makers have deliberately shown this scene to defame the Indian Army through the film.

2. In another scene in the film, a Pakistani army soldier says to Laal,  I read the namaz Laal, why you don’t do puja ? In response, Laal says, ‘Mother says, all this worship is like malaria. It leads to riots.” The Indian Constitution has given freedom of expression to every citizen, but it is wrong to misuse it. This scene incites citizens based on religion. It is a serious crime.

3. Aamir Khan’s statement hurts the Hindus. Aamir Khan’s statement is a threat to the security, peace and brotherhood in the country.

4. In such circumstances, a prima facie report has been sought under Sections 153, 153A, 298 and 505 against Aamir Khan, Paramount Pictures and others.

Editorial Viewpoints

  • How did the Central Board of Film Censorship give a certificate to the film when it contains anti-Military and anti-Hindu dialogues ? What would have happened, had the dialogues been against the Muslims ?
  • This kind of deliberate contempt for Hindu Dharma will stop, only if strict action is taken against the producers, directors and actors of this film.