Janmashtami (Shravan Krushna 8 : 19th August)

Sattvik picture of Shrikrushna made by Sanatan’s seekers

Tithi (date as per Hindu lunar Almanac) : Bhagawan Shrikrushna was born at midnight on Shravan Krushna Ashtami (Eighth day of the Hindu lunar month of Shravan) when the Rohini Nakshatra (Lunar asterism) was in the Chandra Vrushabha Rashi.

According to numerology, the number 8 is responsible for generating revolutionary thoughts. It would not be out of place to say that Shrikrushna’s entire life was revolutionary. Number 8 is also a Kshayank (a number that destroys).

Origin and meaning of the word ‘Krushna’

A. Krushna : (आ)कर्षणम् करोति इति~, meaning, the one who attracts. ‘कर्षति आकर्षति इति कृष्ण: ~’, meaning, the one who pulls you towards Himself, meaning, attracts you.

B. From the worldly perspective, ‘Krushna’ means dark. Modern scientists have now discovered that there is light in a black hole. A black hole attracts everything from planets to stars and destroys them.

In the same way, Shrikrushna attracts all towards Himself and dissolves the mind, intellect and ego.

Importance of Janmashtami

On Janmashami, the Shrikrushna Principle is a thousand  times more active than on other days. If ‘Om Namo Bhagawate Vasudevaya |’ is chanted on Shravan Krushna Ashtami or if Shrirushna is worshipped on this day in any other form with bhav (Spiritual emotion), the benefit obtained from Shrikrushna Principle is even greater.

Chanting of the Mahamantra – ‘Hare Ram Hare Ram Ram Ram Hare Hare, Hare Krushna Hare Krushna Krushna Krushna Hare Hare’

Kalisantarnopanishad is a part of the Krushna-Yajurveda and is also called ‘Harinamopanishad’. This Upanishad was narrated by Deity Brahma to Sage Narad at the end of the Dwaparyug. The gist of this Holy Text is that only by chanting the Name of Deity Narayan, the harmful effects arising out of the influence of Kali (Era of strife) are destroyed. This Name comprises the following sixteen words.

Hare Ram Hare Ram Ram Ram Hare Hare |
Hare Krushna Hare Krushna Krushna Krushna Hare Hare ||

These sixteen words are associated with the sixteen kalas (Stages) of the jiva (Embodied soul). This mantra has the ability to destroy the covering of Maya (The Great Illusion) around the soul, that is, the distressing covering around the jiva. Followers of some Krushna sects chant the second line of the mantra first.

Rangoli to be drawn on Gokulashtami

This rangoli emits Shrikrushna Principle
and gives the spiritual experience of Anand (Bliss).

13 Dots to 7 Dots

Ref.: Sanatan’s Booklet – ‘Sattvik Rangolis’