Rahul Gandhi initiated into Lingayat community !

Gandhi’s attempt to woo the Lingayat community in the background of the upcoming assembly elections in Karnataka !

Bengaluru (Karnataka) – On 3rd August, former Congress president and senior leader Rahul Gandhi was initiated into the Lingayat sect by the seer Shivamurthy Muruga Sharana of Muruga Mutt, located in central Karnataka. Gandhi had identified himself as ‘Kashmiri Hindu’, ‘Janeudhari Brahman’ and ‘Brahman of Dattatreya gotra’ in the past. Following this development, he was criticised on social media for playing religious politics to get the votes of Hindus.

At this time Gandhi said, ‘I have been reading about Basavannaji, the founder of Lingayat community for some time now. So, I consider it an honour to visit the Chitradurg Mutt. I request you to send me a person who will give me detailed information regarding ‘Ishtalinga’ and ‘Shivayog’. It might prove beneficial to me’.

Population of the Lingayat community in Karnataka is more than 18% !

Assembly elections will be held in Karnataka next year and the Lingayat community constitutes more than 18% of the total population of the State. And hence, political analysts are of the opinion that this is nothing but Gandhi’s attempt to get the votes of this community.

Editorial Viewpoint

It has been seen many times in the past that Rahul Gandhi invokes religious politics when the elections are due ! However, since the people also know the real character of Congress, it is equally true that no matter how much Congress pretends to be religious, people will refrain from electing Congress !