We are proud of our friendship with Taiwan : US

The possibility of a conflict between the US and China over Taiwan

Taipei (Taiwan) – US House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi visited Taiwan secretly on 2nd August at night. On 3rd August in the morning, she visited the Taiwan Parliament and met Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen. On the occasion, Pelosi was awarded the Order of Propitious Clouds with Special Grand Cordon, Taiwan’s highest civilian honour. Pelosi left for South Korea on the evening of 3rd August after completing her scheduled events in Taiwan.

The US will always support Taiwan, Pelosi said while addressing the Taiwanese parliament. We are proud of our friendship with Taiwan. Our congressional delegation’s visit to Taiwan honours the US’ commitment to supporting democracy in this country. America’s solidarity with Taiwan’s two and a half million citizens is more important today than ever because the world is faced with a choice between autocracy and democracy. On the other hand, China has condemned the visit and has called it extremely dangerous.

What can furious China do ?

China will now try to put more pressure on Taiwan. For this reason, it is being said that Chinese fighter jets will infiltrate Taiwan’s airspace even more. The Chinese Government may oppose the US diplomatically. It may recall its ambassador Qin Gang from the US.

Why tension over Taiwan ?

China considers Taiwan a part of itself under the One-China policy, while Taiwan considers itself an independent country. China’s goal is to force Taiwan to bow to China’s political demands and accept Chinese control. The US also adopts the one-China policy but does not favour China’s control over Taiwan.

China imposes economic sanctions on Taiwan

China, displeased by Pelosi’s visit, has imposed economic sanctions on Taiwan to destabilise it. The Chinese Government has banned the export of natural sand to Taiwan. After the corona epidemic, natural sand became an important source of income for Taiwan. Along with this, from 1st July, China banned the import of more than 100 food suppliers from Taiwan.

US and Taiwan will attack China

It is being said by international news agencies that the American and Taiwan Army are ready to face China. 4 US Navy warships are patrolling Taiwan’s maritime border. They have very advanced fighter jets and missiles. If China intervenes, the US and Taiwan can attack China from either side. On the other hand, China is said to have kept long-range missiles and tanks ready for action. China also has other military bases in the Taiwan Strait that it can use. The US military is closely monitoring these activities.

Editorial Viewpoint

Every patriotic Indian citizen feels that India should take advantage of this opportunity and defeat China at the diplomatic and the geopolitical level.