China’s sophisticated missile programme could be a major problem  for the US and India

  • Information report from the US Department of Defence
  • Now only China has the most sophisticated missile operating system in the world !

New York (US) – China is secretly building a large number of long-range as well as short-range conventional missiles. This information was revealed in a report released by the US Department of Defence. According to this report, China’s People’s Liberation Army now has sophisticated missiles which can attack from land and sea. China’s sophisticated missile programme could pose a threat to both the US as well as India. The report also said that the increasing presence of Chinese forces in eastern Ladakh could pose a huge threat to India. According to this report, Chinese systems are among the most sophisticated in the world regarding operating systems for conventional and nuclear missiles.

China’s most powerful ‘cruise’ missiles !

Nearly 2,000 missiles have been deployed in the Indian and Pacific Oceans. Some of these missiles have a range of 1,800 kilometers. The report also stated that China currently has the most powerful cruise missiles in the world.

China has the ability to target the United States !

China also has the most active and innovative missile development programme. They have intercontinental ballistic missiles which have a range of 7,000 to 15,000 Km. Through these missiles, China has gained the ability to target the US mainland as well. China’s navy is also working on deploying sophisticated missiles which can be launched by submarines.

Editorial viewpoint

It is necessary for India to increase its defense capabilities so that India can face China’s world-class military infrastructure.

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