106 schools in Aurangabad (Bihar) have the weekly holiday on Friday

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Aurangabad (Bihar) – The education officer gave the information that 106 Urdu schools are shut on Fridays instead of Sundays, but no one knows who gave this order. The district Education officer Sangram Singh said that the Friday holiday has always been given. In schools where Muslim teachers and students are in the majority, the Friday holiday is given. Importantly the Education Departments’ calendar mentions Friday as a holiday.

Purshotam Sharma leader of the Teachers union said, ‘I have been a teacher since 1994. Friday has been a holiday from the time I was appointed in the Urdu school. I do not know on whose order this is being done’.

Editorial Viewpoints

  • A question arises in the minds of Hindus – Bihar has a coalition Government in which BJP is also a party, then how can the schools have a weekly holiday on Friday ?
  • These things will only stop when the Hindus at all India levels, begin to ask for a weekly off on the days of their religiously important day.

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