Anti-Hindu advocate Avadh Pratap Ojha, a UPSC coach, denigrates Shrikrushna

Advocate Awadh Pratap Ojha

New Delhi – A tutorial video of renowned advocate Awadh Pratap Ojha for UPSC students has gone viral on social media. In the video, he denigrates Shrikrushna and Balram. In the video, Ojha is saying, Balram used to say to Shrikrushna that the Yadavas of Vrindavan are planning to kill you, on which Shrikrushna asked why they would kill. Balram replied that if you dance with their wives, will they not kill ? Krushna replied, don’t stress, I will take care of everything. Later, one day when there was a heavy downpour in Vrindavan, Shrikrushna lifted the Govardhan Mountain. Seeing his strength, the Yadav said, you used to dance with our wives, but now you can dance with our daughters-in-law too. We have no problem.

Appreciation for Islam

A few days ago, a video of Ojha praising Islam came to light. In it, he criticised the Brahmins and called Islam Great. He commented about Brahmin, ‘those who were beaten by the British are now roaming around with their chests tight’. He had said that anyone who says Nehru is wrong is the most stupid.

Editorial Viewpoints

  • Since there is no stern blasphemy law in India for those who insult Hindu Deities, anyone insults Hindu Deities. It is shameful for Hindus. Hindus demand the Government to give life-imprisonment to such people.
  • Can such anti-Hindu teachers ever mould righteous students ?

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