Abdul Jamil, retired Government employee accepted Hinduism in Fatehpur (UP)

Fatehpur (UP) – 66-year-old Abdul Jamil has accepted Hindu Dharma by leaving Islam in Sankatmochan temple here. At that time the respective rituals were performed. Thereafter he was named as Shravan Kumar, who happens to be a retired Government employee. He was attracted to Hindu Dharma since past few days. He had expressed his desire of accepting Hindu Dharma 2 years ago. Some days back he was introduced to Akhil Bharat Hindu Mahasabha’s official. Thereafter he took the decision of becoming a Hindu.

Discrimination exists in Islam

Shravan Kumar said that lot of discrimination existed in Islam. Brother did not regard brother. People even committed murder for acquiring wealth and were selfish. Hence he was disturbed. He had decided to accept Hindu Dharma. He worshipped Deity Shriram, his Deity of worship. When he was doing sacrificial fire, he was repeating the Name of Vishnu and felt very good. He did not convert but returned to his original Sanatan Dharma. Shriram was the ancestor of India. All should accept Him. No one pressurised him to accept Hindu Dharma. His ancestors were warriors. His great grandfather’s name was Puttu Singh. His family was Rajput.

Beaten by wife’s brother

Two months back Shravan Kumar told the family for the first time that he was going to accept Hindu Dharma, his wife’s brother Babar tried to dissuade him from his aim; when he was adamant about getting converted Babar beat him up and he was locked in his own house; but he had faith in Shriram. He was worshipping Him in the locked up house. I am not scared of anyone now; if anyone threatens him then he would lodge a complaint with the Police, he said. I will also demand protection from the District Collector.

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