The Chinese infiltrated Bhutan and built a new village near Doklam

New Delhi – The Chinese have established a village along the Amo Chu river valley on the Ladakh border, 9 km away from Doklam. It is located in Bhutan’s area and is named Pangda by the Chinese. Satellite images revealed in November 2019 showed the village being constructed, and now it is filled with people. Almost every house has a car in front of it. China has illegally taken control of Bhutanese land by building a road near Pangda. Bhutan is 10 km away from the road, which lies along the bank of the fast-flowing Amo Chu River. Doklam was the scene of a skirmish between Chinese and Indian forces.

It comes at a time when India and China held 16 rounds of talks to de-escalate tensions in eastern Ladakh. Despite that, no significant effect was observed. On the other hand, China is fragmenting Bhutan’s territory. It is, however, impossible for Bhutan to stop it. Major General Vetsop Namgyal, Bhutan’s Ambassador to India, has refused to comment on Chinese constructions in the Amo Chu river valley.

 Impact on India

Chinese soldiers will be able to easily reach the strategic Doklam Plateau with the help of this village and the road. As a result, China has easy access to India’s sensitive Siliguri highway. Siliguri Highway connects the North-Eastern States to the rest of the Country. Brahma Chellaney, a Chinese business expert, said that China is building in Bhutan in order to strengthen its military capabilities against India.

Editorial Viewpoint

  • When India is responsible for Bhutan’s protection, yet China invades Bhutan and India does nothing, it is shameful for India.

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