Half of the world’s population on the verge of mass suicide due to Global warming : UN warns

New York (US) – Global warming is creating a crisis in the world. Many countries like continental Europe, US & China are suffering due to the extreme heat. Forest fires in 10 countries including France, Spain and Portugal have increased the intensity of the heat wave. Temperatures in Britain have soared past 40 degrees. Because of this, a national emergency has been imposed for the first time in the country. The heat wave caused by the forest fires have wreaked havoc everywhere, and half of the world’s population caught up in this is on the verge of mass suicide. The above serious warning has been issued by the United Nation.

For the past 46 years, the world is reeling from a rapid rise in global warming. One major reason for this sudden increase in temperature is due to forest fires. Such fires have broken out in more than 36 places in Spain. Due to this more than 22 thousand hectares of forestlands have been burnt. As a result, temperatures in south-west Spain have soared past the 44 degrees Celsius. Due to this many people are dying from heat stroke.

Editorial viewpoint

  • This result of environmental degradation is due to the artificial scientific progress. When nature is trifled with we must bear the consequences of our actions. Mankind has to take this into consideration and be more environment friendly. Only then will we be able to see better days. But are humans willing to do it ?

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