Petition will be heard only after proof of Hindus not given minority status despite in minority : SC

Petition filed in some States in the country demanding minority status for Hindus

The Supreme Court

New Delhi – The Supreme Court has stated that only when concrete evidence is shown to the Court with a claim that Hindus were not given the minority status in some States despite being in minority, it will examine the petition demanding grant of minority status to Hindus.

Hindus are in minority in some States and a petition has been filed demanding minority status for them. During the hearing of the petition, the Supreme Court expressed the above opinion. Muslims, Christians, Buddhists, Jain, and Parsi have been declared minorities in this country through an order issued by the Central Government in 1993.  This order has been challenged by Devakinandan Thakur through a petition.

The Court has stated that any religion has to be declared as a minority at the State level; but till it is not refused to confer the status of a minority, the Court cannot directly deliberate on such an issue.

The petitioner’s advocate has stated that it was a general feeling in the country that Hindus were not in minority. The Court then asked if any State like Kashmir, Mizoram, etc. has refused to grant minority status to any religion. The advocate has sought a week’s time for replying to the Court’s query; therefore, the next hearing will be held after a week.

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