Illegal madarasa built on Govt land in Uttar Pradesh demolished

Amarohi (Uttar Pradesh) –  A madarasa constructed illegally on Government land in the village Hasanpur was demolished with bulldozers. During this incident, many Police personnel was deployed. Initially, some people started offering namaz on this empty Government plot. After some time they started building a mosque and finally built madarasa on this property. Muslims had actually bought this property with the intention of breeding animals. During that time they had promised in writing the people of that village that they would keep only fodder for their animals. But later they started doing religious activities on that land and that’s when the villagers started opposing their move.

It was found out that there are approximately 208 such madrasas that are taking advantage of the madarasa modernisation project in the Amaroha District alone.

Editorial viewpoint

Was the Administration sleeping when the madarasa was being built on Government land ?

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