English medium school in Kota Rajasthan teaches non-Muslim children to say ‘Ammi’ and ‘Abbu’

‘Gulmohar’ book published by a publisher in Bhagyanagar

Kota (Rajasthan) – The Bajrang Dal has objected to a book included in the syllabus of an English medium school in Kota and has demanded to ban the book. Bajrang Dal has alleged that the convent school is being converted to Islam. The School’s Non-Muslim students of the 2nd standard are being taught to address their mother as ‘Ammi’ and father as ‘Abbu’. The book named Gulmohar is published by a publisher from Hyderabad. The price of this 113-page book is Rs.352. Parents have not complained about it, but the Bajrang Dal has complained to the Deputy Secretary of the Education Department.

1. Another chapter in the book is titled ‘Grandpa Farooq’s Garden’. In chapter 6, the parents are in the kitchen and ‘they are making biryani, indirectly teaching children to consume non-vegetarian food.

2. The District Education Officer Hazari Lal Shivhare said that we have not received any complaint from any parent in the matter. On receipt of a complaint, we will constitute an inquiry committee and send its report to the CBSE Board. (This shows the mindset of the Government officials. In the absence of a complaint, we will not do anything. The officials don’t bother to investigate it on their own. It shows how passionate they are about their work. – Editor)

Editorial Viewpoint

 Hindu Rashtra is the only option for Hindus to get teachers according to their religion.

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