In Jamtara, (Jharkhand) District more than 100 Urdu schools have illegally declared a holiday on Friday instead of Sunday

The Education Department responded that this decision was taken for the convenience of the Urdu Teachers.

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Jamtara, (Jharkhand) – The news published in the Daily ‘Jagran’ says that more than 100 schools in the District have declared Friday as the weekly off instead of Sunday. This decision is for the convenience of the teachers as all these schools are Urdu schools, affirmed the Education department.

1. The news given by Kaushal Singh, reporter of the Dainik Jagran, says those schools having more than 70% Muslim Students declare Friday as the weekly off. But the Government has not given such an order. This decision has been taken by the School Administration.

2. The State Education Department says that the Friday holiday is given only in the 17 Urdu Schools, out of the district’s 1084 schools. (If the schools have taken this decision by ignoring the Department’s directives, then it is wrong (crime). The Education Department should take action against them, if instead, the Department is trying to give an explanation, then action should be taken against them too. – Editor)

3. Deep Narayan Mondal/Mandal, secretary of Birajpur Middle School said, ‘About 6 months ago, the local Muslim Villagers agitated for a holiday on Friday. We then reported and gave information through a letter about this to the senior officers of the Education Department, but no action was taken. Now the Friday holiday is being given because of the pressure by the villagers.

4. The husband of the Sarpanch of Navadiha Panchayat, Sajjad Ansari said that the practice of giving a holiday on Friday has been there for a long time.

5. Abhay Shankar the education officer of the Jamtara District said, ‘They have not received any information that Friday has been declared a weekly off here. If this is the case, we will stop it and take strict action against the concerned persons.’ (From their statements it can be seen the amount of contradiction that exists between the Education Department and the Education Officers. – Editor)

6. BJP’s leader Babulal Marandi, the previous Chief Minister, tweeted that, earlier at Gadwah there was a ban on praying with folded hands, and now at Jamtara instead of Sunday the weekly off will be on Friday. Later you can also name these schools as Urdu Schools, Chief Minister Hemant Sorenji, in which direction are you taking Jharkhand ?

Editorial viewpoint

If this is the case, then where the Hindu students are in a majority in the country, Thursday (this is the Deity Datta Guru’s day and on this day a large number of Hindus do special worship) should be declared a holiday. The Sunday Holiday is a tradition brought by the Britishers to India.

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