Say ‘was drunk while making the threat video’, so you can be saved

  • Ajmer’s Deputy Commissioner of Police Sandeep Saraswat’s advice to accused Salman Chishti
  • Chishti had threatened to behead Nupur Sharma through an offensive video
  • Saraswat dismissed
(Left side) Ajmer’s Deputy Commissioner of Police Sandeep Saraswat

Jaipur – Ajmer Dargah worker Salman Chishti had made a provocative appeal through a video saying, I will give my own house to the person who beheaded Nupur Sharma. After protests, Chishti was arrested by Ajmer Deputy Commissioner of Police Sandeep Saraswat. A video of Chishti being taken away after the arrest was circulated on social media by a BJP leader. In the video, Deputy Commissioner of Police Sandeep Saraswat was advising Chishti to say he was drunk while making the offensive video so he could be saved. Later, the Police spread the fake tale that Chishti was in a state of intoxication.

Due to the incident, Saraswat was fired. He is currently on the waiting list for the post. The Rajasthan Government has ordered an inquiry into the incident.

Editorial Viewpoints

  • It is not enough to just expel such Policemen, but it is necessary to prosecute and put them behind bars.
  • Is such Police from India or Pakistan ? What could be more annoying than the Police trying to save a radical Muslim who speaks of beheading a Hindu instead of punishing him ? How will such Police protect Hindus when such fundamentalists create havoc ?
  • As the anti-Hindu Congress Government is in power in Rajasthan, strict action against such Police is not possible.

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