Karni Sena in Mumbai has filed an online complaint against the film-maker Leena Manimekalai

Ajaysingh Sengar

Mumbai  – Ajaysingh Sengar filed an online complaint with Mumbai Police on 7th July against the filmmaker Leena Manimekalai with regard to the Documentary of ‘Kaali’ for insulting the Hindu seat of faith, Shri Mahakali Devi.

The intention underlying the display of this image is not to hurt the religious sentiments of Hindus, but to make them comprehend the denigration –  Editor, Dainik Sanatan Prabhat

In this complaint, Ajaysingh Sengar has said,

1. Congress glorified anti-Hindu cruel rulers Akbar, Babar, Tipu Sultan.
2. Hindu seats of faith are being insulted through pictures such as ‘P.K.’, “Padmavati’, Web Series ‘Tandav’ and now the Documentary ‘Kaali’.
3. The Government takes immediate note if religious sentiments of Muslim and Christian are hurt. In the poster of the Documentary ‘Kaali’, a lady in the attire of Hindu Deity is shown smoking cigarette. This poster of the advertisement of the Documentary and the Documentary should be banned.

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