While converting Hindus, Christians sow anti-national sentiments in them : Mrs Esther Dhanraj

Mrs Esther Dhanraj

“While converting Hindus, Christians sow anti-national sentiments in them. This is not limited to India, but wherever Christians go. They have been using this policy since the Year 1700”, said Mrs Esther Dhanraj (Assistant Director, Bhagawad Gita Foundation for Vedic Studies in Telangana). She was speaking on ‘Preventing Religious Conversion and Gharwapsi of the Converted’ under the topic ‘The plight of Christianity in the West and its impact on India’.

She added :

1. According to a survey conducted by an American organisation, 47% Christians in USA do not go to churches. It is because of this, that Christians are turning their attention to other religions and have started converting Hindus and brainwashing them.

2. Christians take their children to churches.It is necessary for the Hindu parents to teach their children about Hindu Dharma.

3. If Christians are using food to convert Hindus, then Hindus should take the responsibility of feeding the poor Hindus and stop them from converting.

4. Hindu organisations should help needy Hindus. If it is not possible to provide financial assistance, we need to stand firmly with the needy Hindus.

5. We have to fight at the individual, organised, constitutional and spiritual levels to protect Dharma. If we make a concerted effort, God will have to give us the Hindu Rashtra.

What kind of secularism allows for religion-based dole-outs to Muslims and Christians ? : M Nageshwar Rao (Former Director, CBI)

The tax money that fills Government coffers is ‘secular’, but its benefit is limited to certain communities. There is a separate ministry for minority welfare, but absolutely no ministry to look after the welfare of the Hindu majority. Over the last 8 years, the Central Government has spent Rs 37,669 crores on minorities through various schemes. This figure would double if funds spent on minorities by different States are added to it. This money is being spent on Muslims and Christians who constitute around 20% of India’s population (as per the 2011 census).

Financial assistance should be provided to those who are in need, but why drag religion into developmental works ? This is nothing but appeasement. The Parsis, who are also identified as minorities, only receive a limited amount out of these funds. The Jains are usually self-sufficient, while the Buddhists tend to align with the Hindus. What kind of secularism allows for such massive religion-based dole-outs ? If the Constitution is secular, all should be treated equally.

Practicing Spirituality according to Hindu Dharma created love and affection among other religions ! : Swami Nirgunanand Puri (Treasurer, International Vedanta Society, Kolkata, Bengal)

Swami Nirgunanand Puri

Swami Vivekananda had said that Hindus have plenty of spiritual wealth, but they are unaware of it. Although there are many Hindus in the world, there are very few who act according to Hindu Dharma. Indonesia has a large Muslim population. They have also taken initiation from the Moulavis. Despite this, after sharing about Spirituality and Vedas Online, some Muslims there are getting attracted towards Hindu Dharma. Love and affection have grown in them just by practicing Spirituality as per Hindu Dharma. They have noted that Sanatan Hindu Dharma teaches love and not violence. Through Online outreach, we also asked Christians to spend some days in spiritual fellowship with us. After doing so, they gradually developed interest in and love for Hindu Dharma. Later, when they start performing spiritual practice, they will experience our beautiful spiritual power. In this way, we can transform the whole world into a Hindu Rashtra. We say ‘Satyamev Jayate’. Victory cannot be achieved without Truth. The teaching of salvation and liberation in Hindu Scriptures is not provide by other religions in the world.

If Hindus follow the path shown by Dharma, they will definitely get power even without the support of those in power ! : Mr Neeraj Atri (President, Vivekananda Karya Samiti, Panchkula, Haryana)

Mr Neeraj Atri

Many Muslims want to leave Islam. They need help. In the past, those who converted from Islam back to Hinduism did not face their community; but now many Muslims who have embraced Hindu Dharma are coming to the fore. After studying the past 100 years, atrocities perpetrated by Muslims on Hindus and their women, Swami Dayanand Saraswati started the ‘Gharwapsi’ movement. However, in 1914, Gandhi started putting the awakened Hindu community back to sleep. Gandhi weakened Hindus by preaching non-violence and inter-religious harmony. Now, social media has started responding to attacks on Hindus and Hindu Dharma. This is unprecedented. Former BJP Spokesperson Nupur Sharma has been on the receiving end of malevolence from religious fanatics and goons, but Hindus must support her. If Hindus follow the path shown by Dharma, they will definitely get power even without the support of those in power.

Christians take their children to churches. It is necessary that Hindu parents teach their children about Hindu Dharma !

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