Paratpar Guru (Dr) Athavale’s Message on Gurupournima (13th July 2022)

To remain safe during the extreme adversities that will start after Gurupournima, perform spiritual practice under the guidance of the Guru-form Saints !

For devotees, seekers, disciples, etc. who perform spiritual practice under the guidance of Shriguru, Gurupournima is the festival of expressing gratitude. It is because of the Guru that we commence spiritual practice, and thus, fulfil the purpose of human life. Those who do not perform spiritual practice lead a materialistic life, and as a result, they do not get connected with words such as Spirituality, spiritual practice, Guru, Gurupournima. For such people to become aware of Spirituality to at least some extent, it has become necessary to caution them about the extreme adverse times that lie ahead.

After the Gurupournima this year, not just India, but the entire world will have to face extreme adverse times. Due to the war-like situation in some countries, the cost of petrol-diesel will rise, leading to inflation everywhere. Food grains, medicines, fuels, etc. will be in acute shortage. People in many countries will have to face famines. The banks too will be affected by the economic depression arising out of the war-like situation. In short, the situation will be such that every family will have to face financial crisis. This war will later culminate into a World War. In simple words, World War 3 is not far away.

Even in India, religious polarisation will lead to riots or widespread incidents of violence everywhere. These will give rise to issues of social insecurity. Whoever is at the helm of the Nation in the times to come, the situation in the country will be anarchy-like. No political party will be able to prevent this anarchy. Hence, during the adverse times, do not remain in the delusion that any political party will protect you.

During the coming adverse times, it will be impossible to live safely without a spiritual protective sheath; hence, during catastrophic times, we have to surrender unto God only. By God’s grace, there are Saints on the earth (who are the materialised form of God). Surrender unto these Guru-form Saints and perform spiritual practice under their guidance. Have firm faith that during the next 4-5 years of extreme adversities on the earth, the protective sheath of the grace of such Saints or the spiritual strength obtained from spiritual practice will protect us.

– Paratpar Guru (Dr) Athavale (Founder, Sanatan Sanstha)