Emergency in Punjab Province of Pakistan due to an upsurge in rape cases

Islamabad (Pakistan) – Rape cases of women and children are upsurged in Pakistan’s Punjab Province. In the same context, Atta Tarar stated at a press conference that a state of emergency had been declared in the Province.

(Credit : Zee English News)

He also stated that 4-5 rapes occur every day in Punjab. Efforts are being made to find a solution. This is a critical issue for society and Government officials. We were forced to impose an emergency to prevent rape cases. About such incidents, we will seek the opinion of citizens, organisations, women’s organisations, teachers, and advocates.

Editorial viewpoints

  • Pakistan has shown that the emergency had to be imposed due to rape incidents. Would pro-Pakistani Indians talk about this ?
  • When Pakistan is an Islamic country, according to Sharia law, shouldn’t rapists be buried in a waist-high pit and stoned ? This question must have arisen in many individuals minds

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