After namaz, Muslims across the country demand the arrest of Nupur Sharma

 Violence in some places

New Delhi – On 10th June after the Friday namaz, Muslims protested at various places like the Jama Masjid in Delhi, Deoband, Moradabad and Prayagraj in Uttar Pradesh, Bhojpur in Bihar, Ranchi in Jharkhand, Solapur and Navi Mumbai in Maharashtra, Belgaum in Karnataka, Punjab, Jammu and Telangana for the arrest of BJP spokesperson, Nupur Sharma for the alleged insult of Prophet Mohammad.  In Prayagraj and Moradabad, Muslims hurled stones at the Police, while in Howrah, there was a roadblock dharna on 9th June.

 Masjid committee claims that protesters were Owaisi’s people

After the prayers outside the Jama Masjid in Delhi, the Muslims carried placards and shouted slogans. Police had already deployed huge security personnel at that time. The mosque committee claimed that they did not call for the protests. The committee said we do not know who the protesters were. However, we think that they were the people of AIMIM, Asaduddin Owaisi’s party. We made it clear that if they wanted to oppose, they can, but we will not support them.

Stone pelting at Prayagraj and Moradabad

After the prayers at Prayagraj, Muslims hurled stones at the Police, injuring some Policemen. Stones were hurled at the vehicle of the Additional Director General of Police, injuring his bodyguard. Stone pelting took place in Moradabad also. CM Yogi Adityanath took note of the violence and ordered stern action against those involved. A protest was held at Deoband in Saharanpur also. After the Namaz, Muslims Chanted slogans for the arrest of Nupur Sharma.

Roadblock at Howrah  

Thousands of Muslims blocked the highway in Howrah on 9th June, disrupting the transport system and obstructing traffic for 20 km. Muslims burnt tires on the road. CM Mamata Banerjee said some people are doing religious politics for petty political gains. Why should Bengal suffer ? You go to UP and Gujarat and protest, as BJP is in power there. They have no power in Bengal. Don’t just agitate for publicity. We plead to you, to stay away from politics. Someone will encourage you for a day and then never come back. In case of a riot here, no one would have an answer. I do not support such violence. If you are unhappy, go to Delhi. Protest peacefully there and demand the resignation of the PM. Why create problems here.

 Photo of Nupur Sharma burnt in Jammu

In Jammu also, Muslims staged protests against Nupur Sharma after Namaz and burnt her photo. Stones were hurled in Bhaderwah of Doda District. Curfew was imposed in a mosque on 9th June after the Maulana made a provocative statement about beheading Nupur Sharma.  Stones were hurled at the mosque on 10th June, so the Army had to be called.

Nupur Sharma’s effigy hanged at Belgaum

In Belgaum, Muslims staged a protest and hung an effigy of Nupur Sharma in Bhar Chowk.

Editorial Viewpoint

  • After the alleged insult of Prophet Mohammad, Muslims in India and other Islamic countries across the world unitedly protest. Whereas Hindus remain inactive while Hindu deities are being insulted every day.  What is the surprise, if such unorganised and irreligious Hindus get killed by jihadists ?
  • Muslims meet for namaz, Hindus should also meet and perform Maha Aarti at various places every day, and Hindus should be guided towards Dharmabhiman. Hindus should do Dharmacharanon on a war footing.

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