Archaeological Department does not have the information about since when is the namaz being offered in the Taj Mahal !

Right to information reveals

New Delhi – Muslims have been permitted to offer namaz every Friday in the Taj Mahal in Agra, but from the right to information (RTI) it appears that even the Archaeological Department has no information as to since when the namaz is being offered in the Taj Mahal. Historian Rajkishor Raje had asked this question under RTI.

Rajkishor said that while answering the question, the Archaeological Department said that it had no information about it. None of the books published during the reign of Shahajahan has mentioned about offering namaz in the Taj Mahal. During Shahajahan’s time, common people were not allowed to enter the Taj Mahal. Hence, the question of offering namaz does not arise.

Editorial viewpoint

We can realise from this how the Archaeological Department is being managed. Please note that the Archaeological Department strongly opposes the demand asking permission of offering worship at the ancient Hindu temples.

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