Sanatan’s Guru-disciple Tradition

Kularnava Tantra (14.37) says : Tortoises dig burrows, lay eggs before covering them; later, raising and nourishing the hatchlings merely by thinking of them. Similarly, a Guru awakens the Shakti (Divine Energy) in His disciple by a mere resolve, transmitting His Shakti to the disciple. Gratitude a million times unto such a Guru-disciple tradition !

Guru is Omniscient, He helps seekers and disciples decipher the implied meanings of Spiritual texts & proverbs and helps them rekindle their conscience

Of the 4 Peethas (Divine centres) established by Shri Adya Shankaracharya, the responsibility of the Anand sect (a part of the Badrinath Math), was handed over to His disciple Totakacharya. Shrimatparamhansa Chandrashekharanand (a great Saint who practiced intense penance) was of this lineage. H.H. Anantanand Saish was His disciple. Saint Bhaktaraj Maharaj (Source of Inspiration for Sanatan Sanstha) is His disciple. H.H. Ramanand Maharaj became His spiritual heir after Saint Bhaktaraj Maharaj renounced His body.

Paratpar Guru (Dr) Athavale is the Supreme disciple of Saint Bhaktaraj Maharaj.

His spiritual heirs – Shrisatshakti (Mrs) Binda Singbal and Shrichitshakti (Mrs) Anjali Gadgil – are engaged in the Holy mission of guiding seekers on their journey to attain Moksha (Final Liberation).

Note : Individual spiritual experiences of seekers published here are according to the Principle – ‘Where there is bhav (Spiritual emotion), there is God’. It is not that every individual will have similar experiences.

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