BJP demands ‘Aurangzeb Lane’ be renamed as ‘Baba Vishvanath Marg’ in Delhi

New Delhi – Bhartiya Janata Yuva Morcha (BJYM) activists pasted ‘Baba Visvanath Marg’ on ‘Aurangzeb Lane’ signage in Delhi. Delhi BJP Yuva Morcha president Vasu Rukhsar said that Aurangzeb was a cruel history in this country.

Rukhsar further said that invaders like Aurangzeb demolished the temples. He also destroyed the Baba Vishvanath temple. There was a Shivling in the Gyanvapi mosque before demolition. Our demand is ‘Aurangzeb Lane’ be renamed as ‘Baba Vishvanath Marg’. The whole world knows that Mughal invaders demolished temples. We do not want their names in the history books or on the roads.

Editorial viewpoint

The people of this nation feel the Centre should enact and give Indian names to all the places currently named after the Mughals and British.

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