Strange Communism of the Communists in Kerala !

Kerala has a Communist Party Government today. Kerala became an independent State of the Indian Union in 1956; in 1957, the first democratic Government in Kerala was formed by the Communist Party. Today, 65 years after the State’s creation, the journey of ‘Communist’ Kerala is narrated ahead.
Mr Chetan Rajhans

Who is the source of inspiration for the Communists of Kerala ?

Kerala is ruled by the Communist Party of India (Marxist). As the name suggests, the party’s inspiration is Karl Marx. Our country is a Democracy and political parties come to power through elections. The history of Communists around the world is that the Communists do not face elections. They believe in the Communist philosophy of – The path to power is through a bloody uprising of peasants and labourers. Thus, not a single Communist Government in the world came to power through electoral means until 1957. However, the Communist Party came to power in Kerala by winning the first Assembly elections in 1957. The peculiarity of this party in Kerala is that the images of its local leaders or the national leaders of the party are not displayed on their propaganda material (such as banners, posters). The Congress claims that the pictures of everyone from MK Gandhi to Rahul Gandhi decorate their campaign material. Even the BJP’s campaign material carries pictures of from Atal Behari to Amit Shah. Against this background, the Communists in Kerala are different. Their propaganda material carries pictures of three leaders of the Communist revolution around the world. The first picture on various posters is of Che Guevara, the youth leader of the Communist revolution in Argentina. The second picture is a wall painted with joint photographs of Karl Marx, Friedrich Angle and Vladimir Lenin. Such posters and painted walls can be seen everywhere in the city of Kochi-Ernakulam; in addition, flags bearing the Communist Party’s hammer-sickle sign can be seen on side-walks and power-poles.

Even after 75 years of Independence, the Communist Party does not have any ideal personality to lead on the national stage; this is why they are still blessed to have the portraits of leaders from Germany, Russia and Argentina. Unfortunately, this shows their lack of nationalism.

‘Gulf Money’ is the main source of their income

Kerala’s unemployment rate is much higher than India’s overall unemployment rate. Although there is 100% literacy, there are very few jobs, because as soon as an industry is started, flags of the so-called union of Communist Party are hoisted. They have a culture of ‘less work and more demands’. Industries do not flourish in such a State. Therefore, educated Keralites do not get jobs ! Most of the educated Keralites accept jobs in the Gulf countries. There, Keralites work mainly as nurses, drivers, technicians, etc. There are 4 international airports in a small Kerala to facilitate their overseas travel. Today, 3.5 million Keralites live in the Gulf. It is because of them, that Kerala gets foreign income, and its economy runs on this exchange. Kerala’s economy is dependent on foreign exchange, despite the lack of industry. The contribution of Communists in Kerala is zero.

Bullying by coolies dressed in blue attire

Coolies wearing blue dresses can be seen everywhere in Kochi-Ernakulam cities. These people are called ‘Nokku Coolie’. If any businessman wants to unload goods in his vehicle, he has to engage these coolies. Even if you unload the material yourselves, these coolies have to be paid. Even if the owner of material sees them, there is a ‘Communist’ evil practice of giving them whatever money they ask for. A group of well-educated youngsters, dressed in blue coolie dresses, walk around the city and collect money. No one opposes them since they have the ‘protection’ of the Communist Party. This is a vivid example of how a Communist State runs.

Communists enjoy monopoly in Kerala

Most Hindus in Kerala vote for the Communist Party. I asked a Hindu voter from an ordinary family, why is it so. He replied, “There is no one here to carry your remains after death. The question is, who will perform the last rites ? When someone dies at home, the funeral and material for the last rites come from the local Communist Party office. Party workers carry the dead body themselves on their shoulders to the cemetery. Who else does that ?” I had no answer to this. I did learn from this interaction that Hindus in Kerala vote for the Communist Party so as to be taken to the cemetery after they die !

– Mr Chetan Rajhans (National Spokesperson, Sanatan Sanstha)

Even after 75 years, the Communist Party of India does not have any ideal personality to lead on the national stage !

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