Why no guidelines to stop forced conversion in Government schools ?

Madras High Court slams DMK Government in TN

Chennai – The Madras High Court slammed the Dravida Munnetra Kalagham (DMK) Government of TN over large-scale conversions in Government schools. The Court observed that though the Constitution gives a right to follow any religion, it does not grant any right to forcible conversion. The Court asked the DMK Government why it is not opposing forced conversions. Why isn’t it providing guidelines to prevent forced conversion in Government schools in the State ? The Court reprimanded the DMK Government while hearing public interest litigation filed by Advocate B. Jagannath.

The petition seeks to stop forcible conversions in Government and Government-aided schools and issue guidelines for school reform. It has also demanded strict action against those involved in forced conversion.

State Government Supports Christian Missionaries – Petitioner

In his petition, Advocate B Jagannath said that Christian missionaries have the support of the State Government, and they target Hindu girls in educational institutions. They insult and abuse Hindu students. Students are discriminated against based on religion, and Hindu girls are harassed if they do not convert. Lavanya, a student from Thanjavur, committed suicide after being harassed for not converting. The Court has ordered a CBI probe into the incident. At a Government school in Kanyakumari, a student was persecuted as she refused to convert. Therefore, the Court must intervene in the matter of conversion.

Opposing the petition, Additional Advocate General questioned the bonafide nature of the litigation and wanted the judges to dismiss it.

Editorial viewpoints

  • Please note that the progressives who strongly oppose the teaching of Shrimadbhagawadgeeta in schools do not talk about the conversion of Hindus in Tamil Nadu schools.
  • Since the DMK Government in Tamil Nadu is anti-Hindu, it is doubtful if it will provide correct information to the Court. Therefore, the Central Government should investigate it thoroughly and reveal the facts to the people.


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