Haryana Police hand over Bagga to Delhi Police

(Left side) BJP spokesperson Tajinder Pal Bagga

Kurukshetra (Haryana) – Tajinder Pal Bagga, the BJP spokesperson from Delhi, was arrested by Punjab Police from his Delhi residence. He was being taken to Punjab but was stopped by Haryana Police at Kurukshetra in Haryana. They took Bagga into their custody. Delhi Police had registered a case of kidnapping against the Punjab Police. The Delhi Police also reached Kurukshetra on the complaint of Bagga’s father. After taking over custody of Bagga from the Haryana Police, the Delhi Police returned to Delhi. Haryana’s Home Minister, Anil Vij, said Delhi Police complained that Punjab Police abducted Bagga. They took custody of Bagga and handed him over to Delhi Police.

1. Punjab Police said that it was not a case of kidnapping. They had a registered complaint against Bagga, so he was arrested.

2. According to media reports, the Punjab Police had written a letter to the Haryana Director-General of Police informing them of the crime and have also presented a copy of it.

3. The Punjab Police had arrested Bagga from his house at around 5 a.m. About 50 Policemen were present at the time. He was arrested for allegedly making offensive remarks against Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal. The incident happened in Delhi while the complaint was filed in Mohali, Punjab. Earlier, on 2nd April, Punjab Police had come to arrest Bagga, but the Police could not show Bagga the documents and arrest warrant. Hence, Bagga opposed his arrest and the Police withdrew.

4. While Bagga’s father was protesting against his arrest, he was allegedly beaten up by Punjab Police. Bagga is a Sikh but was not allowed to wear a turban and was taken in the same condition. Bagga’s family had complained to the Janakpuri Police station and alleged that it was a kidnapping.

(Credit : India Today)

What is the matter ?

(From left side) Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal and BJP spokesperson Tajinder Pal Bagga

While speaking in the Delhi Assembly on the film The Kashmir Files, CM Arvind Kejriwal had said that the genocide of Hindus in Kashmir was false. On 30th March 2022, BJP workers staged an agitation in front of Chief Minister Kejriwal’s residence. Bagga said Sonia Gandhi had denied the existence of Shriram. Today, her party is in crisis. Therefore, I want to tell Kejriwal that Hindus in the country will show you your place. Kejriwal should apologise, otherwise, our workers will not let him live in peace. Our agitation will continue. A case was filed against Bagga for this.

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