Two fake godmen arrested for gang-raping minor girl in Nagpur

Nagpur – Police have arrested two fake godmen in connection with the gang-rape of a 17-year-old girl on 3rd May under the pretext of performing pooja with angara and dhoop. The culprits are identified as Manohar Kolhe and Yuvraj Sontakke.

1. The victim girl had been ill for the past few days. Her parents took her to the aforementioned duo. The girl’s maternal uncle was also present at the time.

2. There Manohar Kolhe was performing the pooja on many girls by burning dhoop. He said, ‘A pooja has to be performed on the girl all night because of God’s curse on her’.

3. At 9.30 p.m., Manohar Kolhe took the girl inside the house. At that time, the priest Yuvraj also entered the house. The girl’s maternal uncle saw both the men molesting her. Seeing the uncle, they both fled.

4. The girl’s uncle lodged a complaint against the culprits at the Savner Police Station. The duo has so far sexually abused several minor girls under the pretext of performing the pooja on them. Police are investigating the matter further.

Editorial Viewpoint

98% of the so-called Holy men in society are fake. Due to the lack of education on Dharma, many Hindus fall prey to it, and many have to face atrocities. The culprits should be punished. It is inevitable to impart education on Dharma to Hindus  to identify true Saints !

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